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A full cycle of metal boxes production in Lithuania

UAB "Caseprom".

Reliability and quality is what you are putting in each box

We are metal boxes, which combines the high quality and functionality, and production experts. Our products meet the highest requirements and is suitable for use in different industries. We offer individual approach to each project and guarantee fast orders execution.

Own production in Lithuania

J. Dalinkevičiaus g. 2K
Naujoji Akmenė

Didžiuojamės, kad mūsų įmonė siūlo platų įvairių dydžių ir komplektacijų metalinių dėžių asortimentą. Mūsų produkcija gali patenkinti klientų poreikius įvairiose pramonės šakose, įskaitant gamybą, sandėliavimą ir prekių transportavimą.Užsisakyti aliuminines dėžes Lietuvoje galima mūsų svetainėje naudojant atitinkamą formą.

+370 670 02397

Working mode: I - V 9.00 - 18.00


Strength and durability

Security and protection

Required in all areas

Metal is one of the
stable materials

What metal boxes are reliable and durable. They can withstand heavy loads and resist the impact, wear, and external impacts. This is especially important in industries where goods or devices is intensively used, often moved or extreme conditions.


Contact Caseprom, LLC

The first step is to establish a connection with the company. You can call, send an email to. email or fill out a feedback form on our website. Please indicate that you are interested in metal boxes to order.


Discuss the requirements and project details

Contact Caseprom, LLC, please specify your requirements and project details. Discuss the dimensions, form, configuration, quantity, and any additional functions that you would see the metal crates. It is important to make sure that all your requirements are understood and taken into account.


Get the proposal and agree on the terms of

Discussing the requirements of JSC "Caseprom" will present a formal proposal. To view the proposal, including the price, delivery time and payment terms. If necessary, discuss, and agree on additional conditions or changes.


Contract signing and payment

If the offer meets Your expectations, please sign the contract with JSC "Caseprom". Make sure that the contract is clearly indicated in all conditions, including the order specifications, price, payment conditions. Follow the treaty of instructions to make the payment.

Engineering and rich experience of the combination of thanks we can offer unique solutions to any area.



Each model can be equipped with different options and complexity to meet their intended purpose.

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